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What the Flow?

Sleek Flows offers end-to-end website development services, from design to search engine optimisation. We manage the entire website creation process so that you have a more cohesive and effective website for your business.

Custom Website Development


Web Design

A sleek design makes your website look and feel trustworthy.

We'll first discuss your goals and what your brand represents.

This helps us identify the visual and functional elements you need.

Then, we'll put these elements together, using UI/UX best practices.

Web design services

Web Development

Fast. Secure. Reliable. Responsive.

Your new website has all the bells and whistles that nerds like us dream of.

And remember, your input is vital - we'll ensure every detail is to your satisfaction.

Web development services

Search Engine Optimisation

Now you're ready for the exciting part - growing your business!

We optimise more than just your SEO strategy - we help you turn that traffic into paying customers.

And to get the results you deserve, we'll test different designs and content to find what works best for your business.

Search engine optimisation services


Our copywriters help your business in two ways:

1. Improve visibility through your search engine rankings.
2. Connect with your audience through your messaging.

Together, these boost your bottom line.

Copywriting services
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There's no such thing as a silly question. Only frequently asked ones.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is a 'low-code' tool used to develop websites. It uses a visual designer to arrange the HTML elements and CSS properties directly on the page.

This gives you the full customisability of code without having to write it.

Webflow, as a company, was created in 2013 and is worth over $2 billion with over 650 000 websites. 10 000 of which, are from Australia.

Why should I choose Webflow?

Webflow's primary goal is to make websites easy to manage for business owners without sacrificing customisability. You can fully customise your website, unlike Squarespace or Wix, and you don't need to manually backup and update your website, like in Wordpress.

Once your Webflow site is built, you'll have access to the editor dashboard, where you can easily add or update the content on your website without changing the structure. You will also have access to the designer dashboard, but we don't recommend changing the design without any experience.

Webflow takes care of hosting your website, which includes all the premium features required for maximum speed and security. Your website will also be responsive to all screen sizes with Webflow.

Which companies use Webflow?

Webflow has a large online presence with over 650 000 websites, and 10 000 of those are from Australia.

Big companies such as Monster Audio and Spotify have incorporated Webflow into their websites. And tech giants such as Jasper.ai, HelloSign and Linktree (Australian) all have stunning websites built on Webflow.

Is Webflow safe?

One of Webflow's major advantages is its safety. Because Webflow is a closed system, there aren't many angles for malware to get in. If you compare that to Wordpress, an open-source system with 1000's of 3rd-party plugins, it's far less vulnerable.

It's like comparing Apple to Android, there are pros and cons to each system. Ultimately, hackers are always finding new ways to breach websites, which is why software needs to be updated regularly.

Each plugin on Wordpress needs to be updated manually in order to be safe. Webflow, on the other hand, takes care of that hassle by updating itself centrally.

How much does Webflow hosting cost?

It's either $14 or $23 per month billed yearly. You pay for your hosting directly with Webflow, we won't create a markup and 'manage' your account like some developers.

If you're thinking, 'wait a minute, I can get cheaper hosting on Wordpress' - you're right. With the 1000's of hosting providers available to Wordpress websites, you can undoubtedly find a cheaper plan. But that's not comparing apples to apples.

Webflow's hosting plan has all the premium features required for a secure, fast and SEO-friendly site. When you compare this to other premium hosting plans, the cost is similar. And it's definitely worth paying a couple dollars extra for optimal performance and security.

Can I move my website away from Webflow?

Yes, you can. If you decide to move away from Webflow at any point in the future you can export all of your data and even the code of your website. That way, all the information and the layout will be exactly the same.

However, we doubt that you'll ever want to do that once you experience how much easier it is to manage a Webflow website compared to other platforms.

Can I migrate from Wordpress to Webflow?

Yes, if you already own a Wordpress website you can use a plugin to export all of your data into CSV format, which can then be imported into Webflow.

If you need help with this, you can contact us.

Can other developers work on my website?

Yes, they can. If you decide to work with a different developer in the future, they will be able to easily understand how we've built your website.

We build all of our websites using Client-First, a standardised system for developing Webflow websites. There is a large community of Client-First developers all around the world.

Can you build e-commerce sites on Webflow?

Yes, you can. But you probably shouldn't unless you’re a boutique store selling only a handful of products.

If you sell many different products, in many different countries, your needs are better served using Shopify. That’s their speciality. Webflow’s speciality is creating beautiful websites with advanced design layouts and animations.

It is, however, possible to design your website on Webflow and export it as a Shopify theme to install on your Shopify store.

What are the limitations of using Webflow?

Webflow has only been around since 2013, which is 10 years later than when Wordpress first began. For this reason, it still has some catching up to do if it wants to have all of the same functional capabilities built into Webflow natively.

Webflow's e-commerce capabilities are not nearly as complete as Shopify, and it's native tool for membership sites is not quite there yet either.

However, there are 3rd-party integrations that can be used for any limitation Webflow has. And with the ability to add custom code to any website, there's almost nothing that you can't do with Webflow.

Still have questions?