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It's like a super assistant taking care of all your repetitive (but meaningful) tasks.


Save Time (and Grey Hairs)

Say goodbye to boring, repetitive tasks and hello to your new assistant.

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It only needs to help you close a couple extra leads a month to pay for itself. Which it should!

Always On, 24/7

Automations don’t get tired or sick. They work around the clock, indefinitely.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Personalised interactions and timely follow-ups will have your customers singing your praises.

Your Tasks, Automated

  • Capturing Leads

  • Nurturing Leads

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Automatic Reminders

  • Client Onboarding

  • Referral / Review Requests

  • KPI Reporting

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Marketing Automations
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What are marketing automations?

Marketing automations refer to the use of software to automate repetitive marketing tasks and workflows. These automations are designed to streamline marketing processes, improve efficiency, and enhance customer engagement. Marketing automation tools allow businesses to create personalised and targeted campaigns, manage leads, nurture customer relationships, and track campaign performance — all without manual intervention.

What are some examples of marketing automations?

Examples of marketing automations include:

1. Customer books a consultation on your website --> an email is sent to you and the customer with the meeting's time and Zoom link --> your Google calendar is updated --> SMS & email reminders are sent 24hr and 1hr before the meeting starts to both you and the customer.

2. You receive a missed call from a potential lead --> an SMS is immediately sent to them asking which services they want (in a nice way, of course). Responding quickly stops them from calling your competition next.

3. You finish servicing a customer, so you move them down the marketing pipeline and mark them as 'sold' --> SMS & email sent to them asking them about their experience --> they provide positive feedback --> a link is sent to leave a review on your Google Business Profile.

How does marketing automation impact sales productivity?

Marketing automation significantly impacts sales productivity by streamlining processes and enhancing lead management. According to McKinsey, it typically increases sales productivity by reducing manual tasks, allowing sales teams to focus more on closing deals.

Salesforce reports a 32% increase in qualified leads from marketing to sales due to automation, and Forrester Research notes a 10% increase in sales pipeline utilisation.

Successful companies are several times more likely to utilise marketing automation, with 72% employing it compared to only 18% of unsuccessful firms. Despite widespread recognition of its value, only 25% of companies are making extensive use of marketing automation software.

The primary barriers to adoption include lack of internal expertise, poor data quality, and prioritisation issues. However, those who do adopt automation often see rapid returns, with 76% reporting positive ROI within one year and an average ROI of 544% over three years.

Ultimately, automation not only improves sales productivity but also strengthens customer relationships, fosters repeat sales, and plays a critical role in the long-term success of businesses.

How does it work?

After you contact us, we'll schedule a meeting. When you're happy to go ahead, we'll send you the contract and collect your payment information. From there, we create your account and set everything up for you. You just need to provide some login details. All confidential information is protected by our contract, but if you prefer, you can do it yourself under our guidance.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you're not locked in to any contract. It's month to month for as long as want. You can cancel or pause at anytime. Just give us 7 days written notice before your next payment.