Web Development Packages

We offer a range of options to fit your needs, from simple websites to custom solutions.

Why We Only Build in Webflow

Design Freedom

Unlike Squarespace or Wix, you have total control over how your website looks.

No Back-Ups or Plug-Ins

Unlike Wordpress, you're spared from manual back-ups and buggy plug-ins.


Over 60% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. We design with this in mind.

Web Development Process


Design is not just how it looks but also how it works.

Once we know the goals of your website, we'll design it for them in your brand's style.


After you approve the design, we build it.

You supply the content (pictures and words) for the finished website. If you need help with this, just ask.


You have two revision rounds to give us feedback on anything you would like changed.


Your website will go live after 4 to 6 weeks.
We're available for post-launch support.

Web Development Pricing

Webflow Template
A$ 299
Template Design:
Customised to Your Brand
Technical SEO
XML Sitemap
Compressed Images
Anti-Spam Contact Form
Test Everything Works
Google Analytics and Search
Console Setup
1 Revision Round
2-Hours of Support Post-Launch
I'm Interested
Custom Website
A$ 1-2k
Custom Design:
Everything in Template Package
Advanced Animations / Interactions
2 Revision Rounds
4-Hours of Support Post-Launch
I'm Interested


There's no such thing as a silly question. Only frequently asked ones.

What does a 6-page or 9-page website look like?

Example of a 6-page website: home page, about page, services page, contact page, blog, 404 error page.

Example of a 9-page website: home page, about page, service 1, service 2, service 3, portfolio page, contact page, blog, 404 error page.

These are only examples. You can choose which pages you need.

Which software do you use to develop websites?

We use Webflow to build all of our websites. If you're not familiar with Webflow, you can read the FAQ's on the home page.

Why is web development important?

If you're reading this, then you probably know why having a website is important. It's a necessity for any business in today's age. But why is web development important?

If you're not paying a web developer to build your website, then your only alternatives are to build it yourself or use some generic template.

Learning how to develop takes a lot of time and skill, which is why most business owners don't learn it themselves. They're already very busy.

And while using a template, or cookie cutter type of website will get you started online. It also limits how far you can go as a brand. The saying goes, 'buy nice or buy twice'.

How much does web development cost in Australia?

Web development is a vast field with developers of different skills, specialties and experience. For this reason, there is a huge range of website prices.

You can get a website for under $1000 and you can get a website for over $100 000. This is why it's important to find a web development company you can trust will meet your requirements and budget accordingly.

The same web development company could be charging one client $5000 and another $50 000. The difference here is that the company will allocate the appropriate resources for each. So the $5k website could be developed by a junior developer while the $50k website might have the whole senior team working on it.

How long does web development take?

The time it takes to develop a website depends on the scale and complexity of the website as well as how responsive the client is for providing content and feedback.

We aim to finish developing our websites in 4 to 6 weeks time. If the client takes longer than 3 business days to provide feedback, then the deadline could be extended.

What do web developers do?

Web developers create and maintain websites. They are responsible for bringing the web design to life, and testing and debugging the website before launching it.

There are also different types of developers who each have specific roles. Some developers are only responsible for the back-end, which is programming the servers. And some developers can do both roles.

Who are the best web developers in Australia?

There is no and never will be a definitive answer to this question. Although, it is searched a lot, so there are lots of companies paying to show up for these search results.

The best web developer for you is the one that can best serve your needs and budget. For example, if you need a custom-made e-commerce store then you should seek out a Shopify developer.

If you're a service business looking for a custom website at an affordable price, then Sleek Flows is the best web development company for you.

What are the three types of web development?

The three types of web development are:

1. Front-end development: this refers to the development of the user interface of a website or web application. Front-end developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create the visual and interactive elements that users interact with.

2. Back-end development: this refers to the development of the server-side of a website or web application. Back-end developers use programming languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, or Java to write the code that interacts with the database and serves content to the front-end.

3. Full-stack development: this refers to the development of both the front-end and back-end of a website or web application. Full-stack developers have expertise in both front-end and back-end technologies and can handle the entire development process from start to finish.

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